Greptime 团队将参与北美 2023 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 会议,11 月 7-9 日我们在芝加哥期待与你相见! (展位号:L26)

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Why choose GreptimeAI?

Analytics on cost & usage

Efficiently manage expenses with in-depth analytics on cost breakdowns and facilitate resource allocation based on usage patterns.

Generation detail of the LLMs

Gain insights into how your LLMs are operating by tracking prompt and completion tokens for better prompting.

Application performance

Monitor the time consumption of each module of the application workflows to quickly identify performance bottlenecks.

User insights

Analyze individual user behavior and collect user feedback to tailor experiences and improve engagement.


Utilize comprehensive trace information to quickly identify and address root causes, enabling efficient problem-solving and maintaining the high reliability of AI applications.


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